Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Thoughts and planning

New year, new focus, new codex. As a dedicated tyranid player, I’ve waiting eagerly the release of the new codex for the last months. Now I have it in my hands, and I’m completely puzzled!

This is definitely not a revision of the army but a completely new and different one, that will demand a different scope and of course a change in mentality for all the hive minds all over the world. Now the carnifex is not a good bargain, but the new trygon is, as well as the zoanthrophes. Warriors change completely, the tyrant is both a close combat monster and a point sucker; and how many new units are there in the book?

Woah, this is gonna need time to analyse properly (that’s not neccesarily bad) and of course, big changes in my army list (and that is bad). I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my five ‘fexes, and I’ll need one or two trygons, and a new carrying case, and probably convert some tervigons, and...

Man, too much work for an army I had already completed (assembled and mostly painted). It’s like starting with it again! That’s not fair, not fair at all. I feel really frustrated.

Mmmmm, frustrated. I don’t like frustration. I always try to change it into a different feeling. What about... challenge? Yeah, challenge will do this time. What about creating a cool new army? That sounds really good... but to tell the truth, I don’t feel like working more with the bugs right now; I’m not excessively motivated...

What about my old (and half-forgotten) eldars? I see a unit of guardians, a vyper and some dire avengers over here... mmm... I have an idea.

Alaitoc is back.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A new year starts

Well, 2010 already. I’ve neglected my blog for too long, for certain reasons that now have been overcome. Let’s make a short summary of the last year in terms of paintjobs finished, so to see my final score for 2009:

- 10 termagants: 10 points
- 16 warriors of Gondor: 16 points
- 2 Leman Russes (commission work): 20 points
- 1 Chimera (commission work): 10 points
- 4 Sentinels (commission work): 20 points
- 20 Imperial Guards (commission work): 20 points
- 1 space marine chaplain (well painted): 5 points
- 3 gnoblars*: 3 points
- 12 Blood Bowl players (lizardmen): 12 points

Plus the 36 points collected previously, this makes a total of...

152 points!

Well, an excellent number, with only one small problem: half of them are commission jobs... Anyway, it’s already a fact that my brushes and I are in good terms again after a lot of years.

Now, objective for 2010: beat this score!

* Presents for some friends, a little of a funny experiment for me. Nice minis to tell the truth :)