Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A new year starts

Well, 2010 already. I’ve neglected my blog for too long, for certain reasons that now have been overcome. Let’s make a short summary of the last year in terms of paintjobs finished, so to see my final score for 2009:

- 10 termagants: 10 points
- 16 warriors of Gondor: 16 points
- 2 Leman Russes (commission work): 20 points
- 1 Chimera (commission work): 10 points
- 4 Sentinels (commission work): 20 points
- 20 Imperial Guards (commission work): 20 points
- 1 space marine chaplain (well painted): 5 points
- 3 gnoblars*: 3 points
- 12 Blood Bowl players (lizardmen): 12 points

Plus the 36 points collected previously, this makes a total of...

152 points!

Well, an excellent number, with only one small problem: half of them are commission jobs... Anyway, it’s already a fact that my brushes and I are in good terms again after a lot of years.

Now, objective for 2010: beat this score!

* Presents for some friends, a little of a funny experiment for me. Nice minis to tell the truth :)