Thursday, 17 July 2008

Dawn of War II

Sorry, but I can't help posting this...

Do you wanna see REAL eldars (and some pesky marines) in action??

OMG, I'm gonna love 2009...

Friday, 4 July 2008

About WH40K

Well, I’ve been thinking of writing some general ideas about the WH40K game and its universe before started posting more specific things on my Alaitoc army. Briefly, WH40K (or Warhammer 40.000) is a wargame played with high quality miniatures made of plastic and/or metal, that one has to but, assemble and paint before gaming (although the painting point is not always respected), which makes it a game with a broad range of possibilities for a dedicated hobbyst. And I am a dedicated hobbyst :)

WH40K is settled in the far, distant future of the 41st millennium, after humanity has conquered the stars and wages war against a myriad of enemies that threaten the named “Human Empire”, through the whole Milky Way. At the moment, the 5th edition of the game is about to be released, with a new revision of the rules and some interesting additions to an already vast and rich background.

For more information about the hobby, visit the
Games Workshop webpage. And for more information on the WH40K background, check the wikipedia or other sources in the internet; or better, get some of the fantastic WH40K novels available from the Black Library.