Monday, 26 April 2010

Wraithlord... finished!

Well, at last some progress. While painting my Wave Serpents, I made a break and started painting something else, and the Wraithlord happened to be laying around. That's something very usual in my painting schedules: I simply don't respect them too much. Luckily, this time I've managed to finish this model before jumping to a different one. The fact that it has just taken me four days has helped, indeed.

The model had been assembled for over a year (yes, I know, shame on me). I made some minor conversions on it: cutted and replaced the leg to give an illusion of movement (as if it were actually walking or "advancing"), and also modelled some "lightnings" on the wraithsword (a personal signature in several of my models). I was strongly inspired by Jamie's miniature on Coolminiornot, as I stated in a post over a year ago.

For the paintjob I used the very same techniques I had applied on the rest of my army: stippling of different blues with bone as the contrast colour, and details in red (spirit stones). Additionally, I tried something different with the wraithsword (which has no actual effect in gaming terms): I didn't want something too striking as the sword was just a detail and not the focal point of the model, while at the same time I wanted to get something somehow eye-catching. So I decided for a turquoise colour (which is blue-ish after all, as most of the model) and painted some reflections on the blade. I think I've succeeded, and I'm really happy with the result.

It's not completely finished, the base needs a few more washes and a bit of grass, and I want to paint a couple of white stripes somewhere (my usual army markings), but who knows when will I do it...

Ok, enough chatting, it's time for some pics. A little Photoshop et voilĂ . Hope you like them!


MasterDarksol said...

Nicely done. I like! :)

Max said...

Niiiiiice- love the lightning arcs! And the mottling is pretty damn good too- excellent work.

Max said...

Speaking of the lightning arcs, howd'ya do it?

Adventures with Peps said...

That wraithlord has a great pose! He really looks like going off somewhere to kick some ass great work.

Flekkzo said...

I strongly approve. Very good! Awsome colors and awesome paintjob.

Izanagi Hive Mind said...

Definitely cool. And yea, I had to do a double-take for the arcs, but those are really nice!

Juahn F'rann said...

Hi, thanks for the nice words :) I'm planning to write an article about the lightnings, but I'll need some weeks to do so - too busy at the moment!

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