Thursday, 18 June 2009

A bit of tactical advice... I think

I was just thinking on writing a new post about my recent thoughts about Lictors, when after reading some posts in the Heresy Online forums, I got some kind of revelation. You see, after the release of the new and super improved Imperial Guard, new ways of dealing with that army must be developed. And while my main Hive Mind was taking a nap and my conscience was connected to the Infinity Circuit, I had a flash on how an Eldar player can field a really nasty unit against the guardsmen of the Imperium. Do you wanna know which one? This guy.

Yes, Maugan Ra, from now on the guard mower. Why? Well, he has a weapon with a reach of 36” (90 cm) that fires on the move. And S6 and AP5. And he has the Crack Shot and Fast Shot exarch powers. Does anybody see where I am aiming?

Pretty simple: here we have a unit with three wounds with Eternal Warrior and a 2+ save that can get a 4+ cover save really easily during the game, so we can say that he’s quite tough and hard to kill. This guy can move and launch a flurry of five shots per turn OR, even better, shot four shots that re-roll to wound AND ignore any cover save. With a BS7 this means 3-4 average guards dead per turn, not too impressive. But it could also mean 3-4 guards dead in a command squad – insta killing the officer with S6 – and that sounds much better. Or it could mean a WHOLE heavy weapon squad out of the game (insta killing each model with its S6), and now this expensive model becomes a real bargain. It doesn’t matter if the enemy unit is entrenched in a bunker, his crack shot power will deny any cover save, and S6 means insta killing any guard model (but ogryns of course) including heavy weapon teams due to their new rules making them count as a single model. Definitely awesome. Am, I forgot to mention that he packs four S6 power weapon attacks in close combat. Anybody wants more?

And you? Have you recently come to any original idea about how to deal with the new IG? I’ll accept suggestions for both the Eldar and Tyranid sides (ah, curse my 40K bipolar disorder…).