Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Emperor's Fist Campaign - First games

Well, I have already played my first two games at the “Fist of the Emperor” campaign. According to the draw, I had to play both in a shop I had visited a couple of times. Attention was excellent there, and their gaming table and scenery attached was of a very good quality. That was a nice start.

My first opponent was an old space marine player I haven’t met before. He fielded an Ultramarine army which included models of the 80’s – early 90’s, such as devastators with a shoulder-mounted heavy weapon, the old space marine captain (the one with the helmet like the new Sicarius) and, best of all, a predator of legend. All FULLY painted. It was a real pleasure to play against such a cool and balanced army, moreover when the opponent was also very friendly and easy going. And it was great to get my ass kicked by 7-4 in a spearhead annihilation mission by this army. If only half of my games were played against such a great army & opponent…

My second opponent turned out to be a bit more of a disaster. He got almost one hour late to the shop, but I admit that having forgotten your wallet at home means a bit of a mess when trying to get to the subway without money. This time we played spearhead but with the seize ground mission, four objectives in total. The game was a pain for me, having to deal with the only army I’m not ready to face: more Tyranids. In a great performance of “Brood War”, we almost annihilate each other before reaching turn five, where although I was pressing strongly his lines, he was holding 2 objectives for my only 1; then the dice decided to go for another turn, and I wiped his remaining troops from the table for a victory on my side. Hurray!

Now I got some spare time before the games to be played on February, so I’d better finish those termagaunts once and for all (still zero points in my painting score – no way!)


Admiral Drax said...

Oh, but seeing that lovely old predator gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside!

And I love your 'digital' painting score!

- Drax

eriochrome said...

Since the Minis are all metal or plastic, it is just our care of them which determines if they survive. I recently pulled out my old "Space Marine" epic game pieces which had been stored in my childhood closet for 15+ years and they look just like I left them still unpainted.

I did not play 40K back then so I do not have any ancient marine stuff but I do have like 5 classic metal blood bowl teams that look way better than the newer ones.

I wish Forge World would produce more models with the older look. A couple of random pieces could really make an army look unique.