Thursday, 25 September 2008

Prices rising!

I'm in a rush at the moment, 'cause I've just noticed that in a couple of days Games Workshop is increasing prices in all their non-plastic products; and I forgot it completely! This afternoon I'll head to my local store to mail order the last bits for my alredy planned 2.000 points army, such as a farseer, autarch, specialist warriors blisters, a special edition ranger and that stuff around 100 € (that is, 150 $). Saving between 15%-30% of that money will be great!

If you also forgot about the new prices, you'd better hurry up too!!


MasterDarksol said...

There is also talk of them re-releasing those same models in plastic now...

Juahn F'rann said...

Yes, but there is also a talk of them redoing the dark eldar... since 2004, I think :P

I mean, I haven't finished my army yet; and I'd like it to be completely painted before 2010 (yes, I'm that slow in painting), so this was my best option.

PS: thanks for the comments! And congratulations for your blog too, I like it a lot! I'm currently preparing a small post inspired by you hehe :)