Monday, 30 June 2008

The beginning of this all...

Well, here I am, writing my first post in this new blog I've created in order to make a small following of the new army I'm working on. To be sincere, it's not exactly "my" army, but my girlfriend's, and as all the armies of WH40K have "terrible ugly figurines" but the Eldar, there was only one option for her to choose. What a shame for a devoted Tyranid player, but hey, a new challenge in the hobby after more than 13 years painting & playing is always welcome.

Now that I've clearly stated the "why?" of the Eldar, it's turn of the "why?" of Alaitoc. And again, the answer is clear: "I don't want to have figurines painted in those horrible vivid colours!". So bye bye Saim-Hann and Iyanden; and Ulthwe too (because I'm fed up of paiting armies with black as the main colour). I started thinking on painting the minis on my own choice of colours, when I fixed my gaze on the Alaitoc vyper of the Codex: Eldars. Mmmm, nice blue spotty effect... it's so different from what I've painted to date, should be a nice change... and blue is not "horrible vivid", but yellow... mmm, and what if I change the yellow colour for a bone one? .... Hey, I got it!! We're going for an Alaitoc army!!

Aaaand, once decided the basic organisation of the army (basically the miniatures she liked most), I started cutting, glueing, assembling... and painting.

More posts to come soon!